About Me

I am a Master's of Computer Science with a Specialization in IT student at New Mexico Tech. I work on just about everything including software, web development, and security research

What I Do

When I'm not working on nybleOS, I do a lot of side projects in software, important computer security research, and work on servers. Check out my Github to see all my latest projects!

Getting Down to Business

You Need a Project Done, I Can Help

Goals Driven

I make and meet clear, concise goals on your project

Secure and Safe

Coming from a background of security, I strive to keep all my projects up to date with modern security features

Beautiful Design

Individual and eye catching software design


I'll let you know how your project is going with frequent updates

Your Project Belongs to You

All source code and materials relating to your project is yours


For inquiries, questions, or estimates contact us at [email protected]